Southern Strokes

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Southern Strokes

The first time we met Josh, we were in the middle of downtown Hotlanta sitting at an outside cafe watching all the hot southern studs walk by when Josh pulled up in his jeep and jumped out demanding everyone’s attention.

Of course I had to go over and chat him up and see if he might be interested in drawing even more attention to himself. Like every hot southern boy I know, Josh was all over the opportunity to get nekkid so that everyone could admire him.

I was a little taken aback when Josh asked if we had any toys he could use in his video. Josh got a boner when I handed him a long glass fuck toy for his tight straight hole. Josh just about ripped his shorts and underwear off so that he could lube up his hole.

Josh fucked himself for an eternity before he shoved the fuck toy deep inside his hole and tensed up his ripped body and pulled on his hard cock; milking it of its big creamy southern load. Stick around and watch Josh bath in his yummy cum.

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